TIMBER is developed by a team of dedicated personnel in the field of real estate management. We manage - OPERATE - EXPLOIT all types of:


TIMBER's goal is to become a solid bridge for investors and partners through the provision of comprehensive services, ensuring buildings are operated with optimal efficiency.

TIMBER wishes to improve service quality in the field of real estate management in order to bring outstanding utility values ​​to customers as well as ensure profit margins for investors.


Website shows a number of services that Timber does business, along with an introduction to Timber as well as an article page to stimulate users to visit the website.



Project details

 Project duration: 16 day

 Position: Team leader


  1. Set up a meeting with customer to get ideas and send it to the design department
  2. Send to the customer demo layout to review, if nothing changes then continue with the HTML department
  3. Create user interface & administrator management interface at the same time
  4. Send to the customer website information and request update if need
  5. Handed over to the customer after completing all update requirements