Gamuda Land Group launches Emerald Luxury Apartments project - This is the most prominent luxury apartment project in Celadon City Green Urban Area. Converging golden values ​​creates a perfect living class. Located in a prime location in the center of Tan Phu district, Emerald subdivision, Celadon City urban area is the main traffic gateway connecting with many key routes such as Le Trong Tan, Tan Ky Tan Quy, Cong Hoa, Truong Chinh ... especially the future subway system. Thanks to the flexible regional linkage and diversified forms of connection (road, metro, air) from the project, moving to locations inside and outside the city is extremely convenient and fast. Emerald is cared for from the landscape and convenience to every small detail of the interior. The difference is not only in the preeminent designs but also in the apartments with balconies, where sunlight and wind intersect, and the green park space.

The website showing the Emerald project is actually a sub-interface of the main website

This is a sub-page, but for new users, it will be mistaken for a separate website because of the design of the website, so the Administrator can create many sub-projects with the content of each project. judgment is subject to change


Website is designed so that users can envision the project to be built in the future. Also refer to the Project Overview as well as the Utilities provided by the project in advance


Besides, it can also show the Project Plan on the design drawings as well as the sales and handover policies


Indispensable are the preview images of the future project



Project details

 Project duration: 18 day

 Position: Team leader


  1. Set up a meeting with customer to get ideas and send it to the design department
  2. Send to the customer demo layout to review, if nothing changes then continue with the HTML department
  3. Create user interface & administrator management interface at the same time
  4. Send to the customer website information and request update if need
  5. Handed over to the customer after completing all update requirements